Can I watch Local Stage events on mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Android)

YES. Local Stage uses HTML5 technology to ensure that live streaming events will play on ALL devices.

Can I watch again a live streaming event that was webcasted on Local Stage?

Local Stage has been created for hosting LIVE events that can been viewed from anywhere in the planet in real time! The stream is not recorded nor saved on the platform. It is up to the webcaster to decide if he wants to upload his event after is played live.

How much does it cost to webcast a live event on Local Stage?

Webcasting an event on Local Stage if FREE!

How much does it cost to watch an event on Local Stage?

A live streaming event is either FREE to watch or it has a ticket that is defined by the webcaster.

How can I live stream an event on Local Stage?

First you have to contact us on live@localstage.gr and send you the credentials you need. Then you need to change your account category. Then you have the option to create an event at any time by using the button “Create Event”.

How can I webcast with multiple cameras and supreme audio?

You can do a multi-camera webcast, use multiple audio sources, play titles over the video and many more. Your options are limitless! Contact us on live@localstage.gr and we will give you the tech support you need!